The new EVO MY 2019 trials bike is launched.

The Italian bike builder's engineers have brought an intense development and technical refinement program to give the EVO 2019 an even higher performance with reliability while increasing the ease of use.

The new EVO Trial 2018 incorporates all the race know-how built up by the Beta Factory Team (which, this year, has two top riders, Albert Cabestany and James Dabill), ensuring all riders, both non-professional and professional alike, enjoy the best available technology.

There are four 2-stroke engines: 125, 250, 300 and 300 SS, where SS stands for Super Smooth, which is a Trials bike with a  softer and gentler, more fun-oriented character than its more aggressive counterparts.

The world renowned 4-stroke version, is available in a 300 cc displacement and offers a great alternative to the 2-stroke versions thanks to user-friendly engine power delivery which is welcomed by entry level clubman riders and experts alike.


Evo 2T Trials Bike

All the 2-stroke trials bike versions, including the 300 SS, have the new features designed to give the trials bike a more technically polished feel.
The engines (except 125 cc) feature a cylinder with a new exhaust port geometry and new timing curves. These developments improve low-rev engine control and stabilize the power delivery, providing exceptional, stock-setting performance.
A new gear selector cam was designed providing a more positive shifting.
new CDI control unit provides better performance and optimized mapping for the new cylinder.



Much attention was given to the chassis set-up, with a series of great new features on both the 2-stroke and 4-stroke models:

  • New shock absorber port geometry: now higher and more progressive;
  • New shock absorber piston: increased suspension sensitivity and progression. Together with the modified plug geometry, the new piston generates decidedly more grip, making it more forgiving in the event of rider error;
  • New pump on mechanical side of fork: ensures more progressive impact absorption;
  • New fork oil: improves stability at high temperatures, maximizing smoothness;
  • Renewed chain tensioner: adjustment range now wider while making adjustments easier;
  • Rear brake caliper with brake pad anti-vibration system: maximizes precision and significantly reducing noise;
  • New graphics and colors