The largest electric MiniTrial Beta has just been completed in the factory Beta Trueba. After overcoming the various evolutions of the prototype and the tests carried out by the youngster Gerard Trueba, as you have seen in various reports of the Catalan Cup Trial Nens. The XL 20" incorporates a series of innovations that make it very special, its aluminum chassis, the electric motor of 1,350 kW, which gives it a top speed of 35km and a range of 25 km for a recharge time 4 hours. Besides its weight stands at only 26.7 kg, which is 1 more than their middle sister kilo and 2 kilos more than his little sister 16 "... It incorporates Shimano brake discs on both axles. Aesthetically noted for its careful design. the image of the spectacular Evo Factory 2015, recently presented. This new model will soon be in the official dealers and provides direct access to this measure, aimed at children between 6 and 9 years, since until now could only purchase a "upgrade kit" to adapt the model of 16 "composed of complete wheels, swingarm, chain, fenders, handlebars and seat. No doubt the new Beta Trueba is another step in the evolution of children's electric motorcycles trial, in this case with the high standard of quality that characterizes the brand.