Minitrial Electric 16”

The Minitrial-E 16" is a battery operated youth electric trial bike designed and manufactured for the very young.

The electric trials bike provides proper riding position, weight, braking, throttle control, and suspension which are very important for the young rider. The Beta Minitrial-E has been designed to provide the rider with confidence and skills so they are ready for a larger bike as they grow.

Rugged chassis and swingarm: The electric trials bike is very light to enable them to move the bike around and not to get trapped under it. Both the frame and the swingarm are constructed of aluminum with a hardness heat treatment, achieving a robust bike that does not exceed 24 kg (53 lbs). The weight distribution is designed with an optimized center of gravity for a comfortable ride while providing maximum traction.

Programmable digital switchboard: As a result of experience in the evolution of the electronic components in the trial bike, the Minitrial-E has a programmable digital control with 3 power curves. All of them with an initial soft engagement to eliminate the abrupt "on / off" characteristic of electric motors. The first setting, a learning curve for the new rider, the second setting is for wet conditions or for continued learning and the third setting is for the more advanced rider.

Adjustable Suspension: The front fork has 25 mm tubes with adjustable compression springs in an oil bath and with an air shock for the rear suspension.

Shimano Hydraulic Brakes: Provide powered perfect braking, with quality and reliability for the rider.

Guards: The front brake and drive chain are enclosed to insure safety.

Chain Guide: This unique chain guide insures a proper guide for the chain to reduce failures.


Frame: Aluminium alloy
Wheel base: 895
Max length: 1320
Max width: 590
Max height: 800
Seat height: 490
Ground clearance: 200
Footrest height: 240
Front suspension: Ø25 mm hydraulic
Shock absorber stroke: Monoshock with adjustable air spring
Front wheel travel: 45
Rear wheel travel: 45
Front brake: ø160 mm - hydraulic
Rear brake: ø160 mm - hydraulic
Front wheel: 2.40 x 16"
Rear wheel: 2.40 x 16"
Engine electric: 750W - 36V
Feeding: 3 lead acid batteries 12V (serial)
Battery: capacity 9 Ah
Operating time: 2h constant velocity