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Gated trial rules

1) The same rules for riding apply, the only thing that changes is the scoring system.

The idea is to gain as many points as possible in each section, therefore each gate
will have a points value. The section will have start and finish gates, however these
do not have any value.

2) The gates can have a value of 1,2 or 3 (red and blue =3, yellow and R/B = 2, green
and yellow = 1 point) depending on the difficulty of the line, each section will have a
different maximum points value. A rider who misses a gate will incur no penalty,
however they do not get any points for this gate. A rider needs to plan a route
through the section so that they can accumulate as many points as possible.

3) The direction of travel through a gate will be denoted by the red flag on the right and
the blue flag on the left. A rider may not cross their line. A rider may only go through
a gate once, if a rider goes through the gate in the wrong direction will get no score
for that gate.

4) A rider who foots, goes out of bounds, takes out a flag etc.  will score no points
for that section (0), therefore a rider must decide if the route he has chosen is worth
the risk. A rider may at any time change their line.

5) There are no classes, the pro and pro elite will have to take more risks to get the
higher points and therefor stand a chance of footing.

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